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Three Unique Ways to Experience the Niagara Region Thumbnail

Three Unique Ways to Experience the Niagara Region

Three Unique Ways to  Experience the Niagara Region

Old Fort Erie
350 Lakeshore Road, Fort Erie (24km from the Falls)  

Experience the heart-pounding sights and sounds of a fort under siege at Old Fort Erie. This War of 1812 National Historic Site will take you back in time with daily tours, musket demonstrations, and annual special events like the Siege of Old Fort Erie reenactment. Join British, American, and First Nations soldiers on a tour of the grounds and learn more about Niagara’s pivotal role in the War of 1812.  

Discover the history of Niagara Falls and the War of 1812 as told by authentically uniformed soldiers in entertaining tours of Old Fort Erie. Enjoy riveting war stories and heart-pounding artillery demonstrations that will take you back in time.
               During the annual Siege of Fort Erie Reenactment, see hundreds of historical reenactors from across Ontario and the United States demonstrate why Fort Erie is known as Canada’s bloodiest battlefield.  

About the Site
The original fort was built in 1764 and located on the river’s edge below the fort that stands today. For decades, Fort Erie served as a supply depot and a port for ships transporting merchandise, troops, and passengers to the Upper Great Lakes.
               Old Fort Erie, originally built in 1764 and located on the river's edge below the fort that stands today, has a rich and significant history. During the American Revolution (1775-1783), it served as a supply base for British troops, Loyalist Rangers, and Six Nations Warriors. After the War of 1812, in 1866, a Brigade of Fenians used the ruins of Old Fort Erie as a base for one of their raids into Canada. These raids played a crucial role in encouraging the move toward Confederation, and Canada officially became a nation in 1867.  

350 Lakeshore Rd  
Fort Erie, ON  
Canada L2A 1B1
(905) 871-0540


Niagara Vintage Wine Tours
7500 Lundy’s Lane, Niagara Falls (3.4km from the Falls) 

With over 17 years of experience, Niagara Vintage Wine Tours proudly remains the original provider of wine experiences in Ontario, specializing in Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Benchlands Wine Regions. Indulge in daily scheduled wine experiences highlighting the finest local vintages, or curate a private tour tailored to your preferences. Explore the beauty and taste the excellence of Niagara’s wine scene.
               Niagara Vintage Wine Tours believes that a wine tour is much more than simply providing transportation from one tasting room to the next. Niagara Vintage Wine Tour guides open the door to a wine country experience not offered anywhere else in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Embark on a unique journey, where you'll learn how grapes grow, how to taste wine and what to look for in quality, vineyard techniques, and the rich history of the Niagara wine region. Prepare to be enlightened.  

In addition to passion and dedication to quality, the Niagara Vintage guides have decades of professional wine experience and a deep, abiding love for wine and the area’s wineries. Many of them have worked firsthand in wineries and vineyards, and they love to share their extensive knowledge. All have studied wine, wine and food pairings, and the history of the Niagara region. You can trust in their expertise.                                     Embark on an extraordinary journey through Niagara Wine Country, the ultimate destination for an unforgettable wine experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of historic vineyards, indulge in the most exclusive vintages, and enjoy an enlightening adventure that will deepen your love for fine wines.
                With three different tour packages, ranging from 4 to 7 hours of wine tasting, Niagara Vintage Wine Tours offers the perfect wine tour for any party. Niagara Vintage Wine Tours offers guests the choice of two acclaimed Niagara wine regions – Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Beamsville Bench wineries. With five gourmet restaurant partners, guests will surely enjoy a relaxing wine country experience.  

6124 Don Murie St.
Niagara Falls, ON
Canada L2G 0B4


Brock’s Monument
14184 Niagara Parkway, Queenston (9km from the Falls)

Brock’s Monument National Historic Site towers over picturesque Queenston Heights, Ontario. The monument measures 56 metres (185 feet) in height and is the largest in Canada. Situated on the site of the Battle of Queenston Heights, where British and American soldiers struggled for the destiny of two nations, Brock’s Monument is the final resting place of Major General Sir Isaac Brock and his Aide-de-Camp Lieutenant Colonel John Macdonell.
               Today, visitors can tour the battlefield with costumed staff, visit the small museum highlighting the early life of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, climb the 235 steps to the top of Brock’s Monument, and enjoy a spectacular view of the Niagara Frontier.  

About the Site
Construction of the first monument to Brock began on June 1, 1824. On October 13, 1824, Major General Sir Isaac Brock’s body was removed from the bastion at Fort George and interred under Brock’s Monument in a solemn event. Over 8,000 spectators gathered to watch the procession from Fort George to Queenston. By 1827, the tower was completed and measured 40 metres in height. Throughout the 1820s and 1830s, the first Brock’s Monument became a popular tourist destination for early travelers to Upper Canada.
               On April 17, 1840, Brock’s Monument was severely damaged by a bomb set off at the base of the stairs. It was suspected that the charge was detonated by Benjamin Lett, an American sympathizer who was part of the Upper Canada Rebellion. The monument’s architect, Francis Hall, insisted it could be restored. However, many felt that a new tower should be erected to highlight their respect for Brock, and the indignation they felt towards the vandalism.

              Construction on the second monument began in 1853. It was built entirely out of Queenston limestone, measures 56 metres in height and was opened to the public in 1859. Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world visit Brock’s Monument National Historic Site, learning about Canada's early history and the role of Major General Sir Issac Brock and the Battle of Queenston Heights in shaping its destiny.

 14184 Niagara Parkway
 Queenston, ON
 Canada L0S 1J0
 For more information,
 contact the Friends of
 Fort George at 905-468-6621.